Sound of Silence is a downloadable pause. An experimental podcast that records the silence that arises between two people.

Only 100 episodes will be recorded with each lasting around 180 seconds and centring around 2 minutes of shared silence recorded face to face with a special guest.  Guests so far have included musicians, adventurers, comedians, presenters, entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians, activists, singers, poets, athletes and many more.

At the end of the experiment the combined 200 minutes of silence will be transformed into an interactive public gallery exhibit.  A full list of guests can be found below.

NOTE: Due to the current travel restrictions I have been unable to record the final episodes.  With this in mind, episodes with my guests will now come out every fortnight and a special ‘best-of’ episode will be broadcast on the weeks in between.  These special episodes are also available on Youtube via the links below:

SPECIAL: Best of episodes 1-10
SPECIAL: Best of episodes 11-20
SPECIAL: Best of episodes 21-30
SPECIAL: Best of episodes 31-40
SPECIAL: Best of episodes 41-50
SPECIAL: Best of episodes 51-60
SPECIAL: Best of episode 61-70


  1.  Sam Conniff Allende.  Author and award winning social entrepreneur.  Recorded at the British Museum, London
  2.  Charlotte Sills.  World renowned psychotherapist and author.  Recorded at the Metanoia Institute, London.
  3.   Fred Deakin.  Professor, artist and one half of Brit and Mecrury Award nominated band Lemon Jelly.  Recorded at Finsbury Square. London.
  4.   Rosie & Faris Yakob.  Digital nomads, authors, speakers and founders of Genius Steals.  Recorded in Shoreditch, London.
  5.   Robert Poynton.  Associate fellow at Oxford and author of “Everything’s an Offer” and “Do Improvise.”  Recorded in Bermondsey Street. London.
  6.   Michelle Morgan.  Co-founder of Livity and pioneer of mental health advocacy through her startup P-Joys.  Recorded in the chapel of House of St      Barnabus.
  7.  Simon Cavicchia.  Author and renowned gestalt psychotherapist specialising in exploring shame.  Recorded at Le Pain Quotidian, South Bank,
  8.   Elizabeth Pick.  Movement artist, singer and film maker exploring labels, identity and dyslexia.  Recorded in the basement of Royal Festival Hall,
  9.  Neil Mullarkey.  Actor, writer, comedian, star of various TV/film/radio and co-founder of Comedy Store Players.  Recorded in Regent’s Park,   London.
  10.  Lucy Bellwood.  Professional Adventure Cartoonist, teacher and creator of “100 Demon Dialogues.”  Recorded in Gillespie Park, London.
  11.  Lord Victor Adebowale CBE. Social Entrepreneur, CEO of social enterprise Turning Point and cross-bench “People’s Peer.”  Recorded at Turning Point, Aldgate, London.
  12. Maria Koripas.  International movement director, dancer and professional opera singer.  Recorded at Woburn Walk, London.
  13. Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves.)  Comedian, actor, artist and TV presenter best known for his partnership with Bob Mortimer.  Recorded in Ashford, Kent.
  14. Heather Urquhart & Joe Samuel. Member of the Olivier nominated “Showstoppers” and internationally renowned musical director. Recorded at Nursery Theatre, London Bridge
  15. Mark Shayler.  Founding partner of the Do Lectures, one half of award winning eco-innovation agency Ape and not quite good enough to play rugby for Leicester Tigers.  Recorded in the chapel of House of St Barnabus.
  16. Kay Scorah.  Aggressively polite community activist, dancer, improviser, stand up comedian and curator of the community sourced improvised recipe book “Essex Road Recipes.”  Recorded in Green Park, London.
  17. Ade Adeniji.  Founder of Walk with Me, ordained inter-faith minister and spiritual counsellor, co-founder of the social enterprise The Quest.  Recorded in The Great Room, Royal Society of Arts, London.
  18. Simone Lia.  Artist, writer & creator of weekly comic strip in the Observer Newspaper who has exhibited in the Tate Britain and published a number of children’s books and graphic novels.  Recorded in Brockley, London.
  19. Mr Bingo.  Illustrator, artist, speaker and the brains behind the 2011 “Hate Mail” project.  Creator of the Mr Bingo scratch-and-reveal nude advent calendar.  Recorded at the Tea Building, Shoreditch, London.
  20. Claire Genkai.  Recorded in Bromley, London.
  21. Nick Parker. Founder of “That Explains Things”, former radio joke writer and Viz cartoonist and auhtor of “The Exploding Boy.”  Recorded in Bermondsey Street, London.
  22. Keith Johnstone. Internationally renowned playwright, author, teacher and pioneer of improvisational theatre.  Recorded in Raynes Park, London.
  23. Ola Odumosu. Community storyteller and activist.  Recorded in the chapel at The House of St Barnabus, London.
  24. Dave Birss. Speaker, writer and author of six books.  Recorded in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, London.
  25. Lena Peters.  Ceramic artist and storyteller.  Recorded at the British Museum, London.
  26. Lee Simpson.  Improviser, Comedy Store Player and founder of Improbable.  Recorded backstage at The Comedy Store, London.
  27. Pip Stewart.  Adventurer, journalist and in a relationship with a flesh eating parasite.  Recorded at Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex.
  28. Khurshed Denhugara.  Friend and supporter of Brentford FC.  Recorded in the Royal Academy, London.
  29. Stella Duffy.  Writer, director, performer and co-founder of Fun Palaces.  Recorded in Deptford, London.
  30. Hilary Gallo. Speaker, author and yacht-sinking sailor.  Recorded in Bloomsbury, London.
  31. Wendy O’Mahony. Artist, illustrator, storyteller and director of “Story Skirts”. Recorded in Tandridge, Surrey.
  32. John Paul Flintoff.  Author, writer and maker of things.  Recorded on a Thames beach near Blackfriars, London.
  33. Timandra Harkness. Radio 4 presenter, writer, author and comedian. Recorded in Woolwich, London.
  34. Brian Kaplan. Medical doctor, comedy aficionado and host of the top podcast “Are you feeling funny?” Recorded in Harley Street, London.
  35. Anoushé Hussain. Paraclimber, speaker, charity ambassador and role model for overcoming adversity. Recorded in St James’s Park, London.
  36. Blaine Harrison. Lead singer of Mystery Jets. Recorded in Victoria Tower Gardens, London.
  37. Adah Parris. Futurist, feminist and activist. Recorded in the chapel of House of St Barnabus, London.
  38. Julian McKerrow. World champion powerlifter and multiple record holder. Recorded on a rooftop in Covent Garden, London.
  39. Andrea Hadley-Johnson. Creative producer. Recorded in a dark isolation cell, National Museum of Justice, Nottingham.
  40. Terry Waite. Humanitarian, author, speaker, former hostage negotiator and hostage. Recorded in Suffolk, UK.
  41. Chris F Clark. Multi-disciplined artist. Recorded at the Don’t Walk, Walk gallery in Deal, Kent.
  42. Richard Vranch. Improviser, voice actor, writer and half of the science/hula hoop duo Dr Hula. Recorded in the garden of House of St Barnabus, London.
  43. Nonnie Peifer. Born in 1930, former model and big screen actress. Recorded in Esher, Surrey.
  44. Mr Gee. Poet, comedian, presenter and musician. Recorded in Shoreditch, London.
  45. Nic Shayler. Creator, fascinated by stories that shine a light on being human. Recorded in Donisthorpe, UK.
  46. Ella, Alan, Adam, Will, Majken, Liv, Antony, Catherine, Miranda, Kay, Iain, Nick, Phyllida, Robert, Rob, Gavin, Tracey, Leonora, Marshall, Phillipa, Neil, Richard, Gill, Bea, Bruno, Lizzie, Amy, Amanda, Claes, Andy, Tattiana, Theresa, Sam, Toby, Helen, Vanella, Luke, Taylor, Romy. Recorded in Bermondsey Street, London.
  47. Hazel Gale. Former World Kickboxing champion, author and hypnotherapist. Recorded in Hoxton, London.
  48. Ben Wilson (aka Chewingumman). Artist and woodcarver best known for painting discarded chewing gum. Recorded on Millennium Bridge, London.
  49. Satyavani Robyn. Writer, psychotherapist and Buddhist Priest. Recorded in Malvern, UK.
  50. Poppy Chapman. 3 year-old Cockapoo. Recorded in Esher, UK.
  51. Darryl Edwards. Author, speaker and global advocate of the power of play. Recorded in Ravenscourt Park, London.
  52. Sophia Thakur. Internationally acclaimed poet who has performed at Glastonbury, TED and MTV. Recorded in the garden at House of St Barnabus, London.
  53. Pete Spurrier. Author, publisher and adventurer who once spent a night in an abandoned village only inhabited by hand-sized spiders. Recorded in Green Park, London.
  54. Pippa Evans. Olivier nominated improviser, comedian and creative director. Recorded in the Employment Academy at House of St Barnabus, London.
  55. Ben Bidwell. Writer, speaker, mental wellness advocate and Naked Professor. Recorded in Clapham, London.
  56. Lucie Sheridan. Illustrator, screen printer and artist behind “Rubbish Portraits.” Recorded at Centrespace Studio, Bristol, UK.
  57. Ahir Shah. Edinburgh Nominated stand-up Comedian and guest on many TV and Radio shows. Recorded in the chapel at House of Saint Barnabus, London.
  58. Vicki Amedume. Circus and aerial director and founder of Upswing. Recorded in the chapel at the House of Saint Barnabus, London.
  59. Adam Wilder. Professional fool, founder of the Togetherness Movement and Shhhhh dating. Recorded at the House of Togetherness, London.
  60. Jo Hunter. Change-maker and co-founder of 64 Million Artists. Recorded in Old Street, London.
  61. Dan Kieran. Author, travel writer and co-founder of Unbound. Recorded in Islington, London.
  62. Miranda West. Founder of The Do Book Company and Top 10 UK entrepreneur. Recorded at Harwarden Estate, Wales.
  63. David Shrigley. Visual artist, author and 2013 Turner Prize nominee. Recorded in Brighton, UK.
  64. Charlotte Edmonds. Dancer, choreographer and the Royal Ballet’s inaugural Young Choreographer. Recorded at the Royal Opera House, London.
  65. Brian Beaton. Mentor, House of St Barnabus Employment Academy manager, comedy writer. Recorded at the House of St Barnabus, London.
  66. Hayley Welsh. Street artist and illustrator. Recorded at Chelsea Sorting Office, London.
  67. Neil Baker. Award winning writer, Dark Angel, 26-worder and cycling proficiency failure. Recorded at Century, London.
  68. Chloë Clarke. Visually impaired performer, director and co-founder of Elbow Room Theatre in Cardiff. Recorded at Graeae Theatre, London.
  69. Nigel “Zebrahead” Smith. Maker and co-founder of Hope and Mania. Recorded in the chapel of House of Saint Barnabus, London.
  70. Katie Elliott. Musician, author, illustrator, charity pop single releaser, podcaster. Recorded in Green Park, London.
  71. Charlie Gladstone. Co-founder of Pedlars, host of Mavericks podcast and co-founder of the legendary Good Life Experience festival. Recorded in Pedlars, Notting Hill, London.
  72. Marella Campagna. Fashion designer, storyteller, writer and activist. Recorded in the chapel of House of St Barnabus, London.
  73. Laurence Shorter. Author, comedian and host of “Laurence Shorter’s Spiritual Experience.” Recorded in Shoreditch, London.
  74. Caroline Casey. Trouble-maker, adventurer and founder of the Valuable 500 inclusivity revolution. Recorded at House of St Barnabus, London.
  75. Adam Shakinovsky & Kristian Brodie. Award winning storytellers, film makers and creators/curators of One Track Minds. Recorded in the garden of House of St Barnabus, London.
  76. Maria Oshodi. Blind writer, theatre director, disability arts consultant and founder of Extant, the UK’s leading company of visually impaired actors & theatre practitioners. Recorded in Brixton, London.
  77. Remi Rough. Street and gallery artist and key exponent in the abstract graffiti movement. Recorded in Peckham, London.
  78. Lesley Graney. Mother, wife, social entrepreneur and founder of Random Acts of Nonsense. Recorded on Shoreham Beach, Shoreham-by-sea, UK.
  79. Mark Radcliffe. Sony Award winning broadcaster, musician and writer. Recorded in Knutsford, Cheshire, UK.
  80. Vinca Petersen. Multimedia artist, activist also known as Dr Joy. Recorded in House of St Barnabus, London, UK.
  81. Sabú Caps. Creative polymath working with communities. Recorded in Norbury, London.
  82. Nicky Hirst. Artist known for her gallery work, public installations and being the official Parliament artist for the 2019 General Election. Recorded in Peckham, London.
  83. Ian Bonar. Screen and stage actor. Recorded at the Piccadilly Theatre, London.
  84. Enni-Kukka Tuomala. Empathy designer and artist. Recorded in chapel at House of St Barnabus, London.
  85. Inua Ellams. Poet, playwright, performer, graphic artist and designer. Recorded backstage at Stratford Circus Theatre, London.
  86. Joan Iyiola. Actress, producer, entrepreneur. Recorded in Homerton, London.
  87. Matt Ballantine. Sociologist, blogger, podcaster, musician and technology aficionado. Recorded in Launch Pod, Teddington, London.
  88. Patricia Niven. Award winning food and portrait photographer. Recorded at The Garden Museum, Lambeth, London.
  89. Theo (aka “Super Theo). 3.5 year old who loves bikes and planes but dislikes radiators. Recorded on Ernie’s Beach, River Thames, London.
  90. Liela Moss. Solo artist and lead singer with The Duke Spirit. Recorded at House of St Barnabus, London.
  91. Charlie Dark. Musican, DJ, poet, yogi, speaker and community builder. Recorded at House of St Barnabus, London.
  92. Kathryn Chapman. Photographer, speaker and mental health advocate. Recorded in Esher, Surrey.
  93. Carl Richards. Financial planner, author, speaker, artists and creator of the Sketch Guy column in the New York Times. Recorded in Hampstead Heath, London.
  94. Rebecca Humprhies. Actress and writer. Recorded in Hackney Fields, London.