Draft cover of PhD

PhD: play, hug, dance

an = without   aisthesis = sensation

PhD is a is an investigation into psychological and social anaesthesia.  It explores how we accidentally  anaesthetise ourselves on a day to day basis against a number of things: spontaneity, creativity, our bodies, play, impermanence, our ‘true’ selves.  It asks a number of questions as to how we might recover sensation and lead more creatively sensuous lives, particularly in these things we call ‘organisations.’

PhD is a work in progress that will hopefully be completed sometime during 2017.  It is an experiment in how meaning is conveyed and is presented in a rather unconventional way with a combination of drawings, artwork, symbolism and hopefully some fold out pages, pop up pages and pages with holes in like in The Very Hungry Caterpillar!    Below are a selection of pages to whet your appetite.

PhD is likely to be self published as I doubt many conventional publishers will be interested.  However, if you are interested in publishing something that is intentionally unconventional and unpalatable to traditional ‘self help’ or ‘business book’ audiences then let me know.

PhD should hopefully emerge sometime during 2017.