img_1130Exploring identity, creativity and spontaneity through
masks“The mask lets so many of my normal defences down that my instincts just pour in”*

IMG_8516Masks are the ultimate permission giving tools.  They allow us to tap into and unlock different parts of ourselves.  They can help us to find different ways of moving, different ways of thinking and different ways of speaking.  They can kick start our imagination, our creativity and get us back in touch with our natural spontaneity.  They allow us to develop characters that are exaggerations or polar opposites of how we experience ourselves on a daily basis.  They allow us to explore different parts of our personalities in order to get to know ourselves better and understand some of our foibles, projections and fixed self-images that keep us stuck.  Best of all masks are a powerful, exciting and highly entertaining method of personal development.

IMG_9233_1This one-day workshop uses masks as a way of exploring different parts of our personality in order to meet and work with a variety of new characters in a variety of different situations including a mask based soap opera and improvised mask Ted talks!


£95 + VAT

Dates to be confirmed.  Please register your interest to be kept informed.


Thanks to all of you who have been in contact about mask workshops.  Whilst they are my favourite workshops to run and I’m keen to start doing them again ASAP, the nature of mask work means that they will not be possible until current covid restrictions are significantly lifted.  I’m hopeful that autumn 2021 will allow these wonderful workshops to return but this is of course subject to change.  Thanks for bearing with me.