The (Not a) LOST CAT project

One day whilst walking I saw a lost cat poster.  Whilst it was sad that somebody had lost their cat I couldn’t help but notice how majestic the picture was of the animal.  Tall, proud, slightly cross-eyed.   The picture made me wonder whether the cat was actually lost or whether the owners were just showing off what a great cat they had.

When I got home I painted the cat and turned the piece into a poster to show off my painting for the magnificent beast.  I then put up a load of posters around London and they elicited a remarkable response within 24 hours of them going up.  Pictures of  my (Not a) Lost Cat posters popped up everywhere on social media and I even had a journalist contact me to interview me about them.

The project has now expanded to see how many locations around the world I can get the (Not a) Lost Cat posters put up in.

Below is a map and a list of where they have been put up so far.  If you can put them up in a new location (in particular a new country) then please get in touch and I’ll send you two posters – one for you to keep, one for you to put up in public.  All I ask in return is for a photograph of the poster.


London (10+ locations)
Letchworth (in transit, location tbc)
Cardiff (in transit, location tbc)

Los Angeles (in transit, location tbc)
Boston (in transit, location tbc)

Los Angeles (in transit, location tbc)

(In transit, location tbc)

Berlin (in transit, location tbc)

(in transit, location tbc)

(You can also click on the map locations to see more images)


If you’d like to get involved and can put up a poster in a new location (particularly if its in a new country) then fill out the form below.   I will then send you TWO posters.  One for you to keep and one for you to put up.

All I ask in return is that you send me a photo of the poster in its new location.  You can do this via e-mail or DM me via Instagram or Twitter.

2 + 6 =

Small print
I’ve around 100 of these posters for the initial part of this experiment that I will send out for free to anyone who wants them. However, this does cost me quite a bit in postage so after the initial 100 have been sent out I might start charging, say £2 for the “keep” poster. But if I can find some other way of funding it I might do another 100 for free. Who knows. Just thought it would be worthwhile putting that here.

In terms of where you put your posters – short answer, it is totally up to you. However, it would be nice if you didn’t cause criminal damage, deface sensitive monuments or plaster other the work of other street artists.  But, at the end of the day, it is totally up to you.