A creative inquiry into shame, spontaneity, freedom, self consciousness and our inner critic.

Playing at the Edge is a two day workshop led by Steve Chapman and Simon Cavicchia that uses a variety of creative experiments to help us get to know and better understand our inhibiting self image, our inner critic and the effect this has on realising our full creative potential.

Participants will be invited to participate in a variety of Gestalt Psychology techniques, creative practices, masks, improvisational experiments, mindfulness practices and a variety of other methods to help them become more aware of their attachments to fixed self images and other ways in which they inhibit their spontaneity.


17th-18th June 2021
£375 + VAT

Two day workshop in London.  Limited to 16 people

Please note that this workshop is limited to a total of 16 participants.

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Watch Steve’s TEDx talk on learning to creatively dance with the Inner Critic below


PLEASE NOTE: This work can be extremely rewarding, liberating and challenging.  It requires a degree of resilience and capacity for self support in the face of inner criticism which can be painful to see and experience.  We expect participants to be able to support themselves in the face of these challenges and would like to invite you to consider your levels of support before signing up for the programme.  If you would like to speak to Steve our Simon before signing up then please contact us.


Simon Cavicchia: Simon is a coach, executive coach, organisational consultant, supervisor and a Gestalt psychotherapist. He has consulted at all levels in organisations working with individuals and groups. He Is currently Joint Programme Leader of the MSc/MA in Coaching Psychology at the Metanoia Institute. He is particularly interested in integrating relational and psychodynamic perspectives on organisational life and consulting, and is committed to continually researching how these perspectives can be used to inform effective practice in organisational settings. He supervises consultants and coaches, and has a psychotherapy practice in London.

Steve Chapman - March 2015 (Hi res colour)Steve Chapman is an artist, writer, speaker coach and consultant interested in creativity and the human condition.  He specialises in crashing together ideas from the complexity sciences, gestalt psychology and various therapeutic creative practices to help individuals and organisations navigate their way through change in a way that is more responsive, lively and innovative.  He holds an MSc with distinction in organisational change and is visiting faculty on the Ashridge Business School and Metanoia Organisational Development MSc programmes.  In addition to this Steve has trained extensively in gestalt practices, mask work, improvisation and completed a foundation programme in Art Therapy.