There are a number of events that I lead, curate or collaborate on at various times throughout the year, all of which are intended to help us explore our own spontaneity and creativity at deeper levels.  Below you can find out what’s planned and click to find out more.

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Improvisation for Consultants: 24th & 25th April 2018
Steve Chapman and Caryn Vanstone lead a two day experiential workshop designed to help those of us who work in organisations develop our ability to “work live” with what actually happens as opposed to what is supposed to happen.  More details here.

Super Secret Musical Improv : 27th April 2018
A life-giving day of singing, improvising and making each other look good with the incredible Heather and Joe.  More details here.

INEXPERT 2018: 11th May 2018
A not-for-profit social experiment disguised as a conference.  A celebration of the power of inexpertise and not knowing. Think the opposite of TED where speakers are giving talks for the first time on subjects they are passionate about but have no expertise in. The audience leaves with more questions than answers, possibly knowing less than when they arrived.  More details here.

The Lab: Friday 15th June 2018
The Lab returns to provide a place to experiment and be experimented on.  A haven to fail happy and be playful with not knowing.  A not-for-profit movement of inexpertise.  More details here.

Mask Workshop: October 5th 2018
A day of exploring our personality through masks in a profound yet playful way.  One of the highlights and most popular workshops on the CSS Calendar.  More details here.

Playing at the Edge – Dancing with our Inner Critic: November 22nd & 23rd 2018
Steve Chapman and Simon Cavicchia lead a two day creative immersion to help us get to know and better understand our inner critic.  Using creative techniques, movement, improvisation, art, masks, mindfulness and other novel methods to deepen our awareness of this inhibiting character.  More details here.