Creative Adventures


My coaching takes the form of immersive Creative Adventures, bespoke, 1:1 experiential and experimental sessions designed to help individuals discover or re-discover their own innate creative self.   They are based around the gestalt paradoxical theory of change that suggests we transform ourselves through becoming more aware of what we already are rather than striving to become something we are not.  With this in mind, each Creative Adventure is a personally curated experiment that allows the participant to fully experience, in a safe and supportive environment, how they enable or constrain their creative spirit on a day to day basis.

The form of every Adventure is different and may involve different forms of conversation, movement,  art, mask work and social experiments.

Previous adventurers have worked with me on the following:

  • Developing personal creativity
  • Letting go of attachment to certainty and embracing emergence
  • Career decisions and starting own business
  • Becoming more comfortable and playful with not knowing
  • Nurturing intuition, senses and the body as sources of knowing and sense making
  • Having more fun