1 to 1 COaching, mentoring and supervision

I’m interested in creativity and the human condition.  Creativity being our desire to move towards the novel, creative and different.  The human condition being our in-built instinct to avoid the unfamiliar.  These two things cause a tension in many of us and the organisations/institutions/societies we find ourselves part of.  All too often it is the human condition that wins out resulting in us sacrificing our innate creative spirit, and our sense of playfulness and adventure.

I do a variety of 1:1 work with people who want to explore how they might strike a better balance in their lives and their work in order to more fully bring forth their naturally wonky, creative self.

Coaching/Creative Adventures
I work with individuals using a combination of gestalt psychology, zen philosophy and creative practices which are a little different to traditional coaching.  Whilst we may work towards a specific goal, I take a gestalt approach and focus more on deepening our awareness of how things are right now.  (The present moment is the only domain we can experience after all!)  We will work with conversation and questions as well as other methods such as doodling, rich picture/metaphor, mindfulness, embodied practices, movement, clay/plasticine, quantum flirting and other things we may come up with in the moment.  Occasionally I may set up specific Creative Adventure scenarios to support our work – immersive experiments to liberate your creative spirit and sense of creative freedom.

The gestalt co-founder Fritz Perls once said that every patient needs their own form of therapy.  I like to take this mantra into my coaching work and we will work out between us what uniquely is the best way for us to work together.   I work both face to face and virutally but due to the current COVID restrictions it is my preference to do this work in the virtual space.  I have developed specific practices to ensure that this is still a Ivivid and insightful experience. 

I have recently worked with people on liberating their creativity, giving themselves permission to play more, to bring more spontaneity into their lives and get to know their inner critic – the part of us that does a good job in talking us out of all of this. 

Supervision and mentoring
Although these are essentially two different forms of 1:1 work I’ve put them under one heading as quite often the work I do ends up being a mix of each.  Whilst the feel of this work is similar to coaching it is more focussed on a specific task, project or assignment or a particular area of professional/relational practice.  I have recently worked with individuals who are wanting to inject more of their creative selves into a corporate project and students who are writing assignments or dissertations on presence, creativity, not knowing, spontaneity and the human condition.  Over the last couple of years I have found myself working with more and more and individuals who are thinking about leaving the corporate world and setting up on their own.

Pricing and structure
Whilst I continue to do company funded coaching I am keen to focus my work more on supporting individuals who are self funding their own development.  I spent many years resisting fixed pricing, preferring to work on a totally open pay-what-you-can-afford basis but the overwhelming feedback was that people would prefer me to name a price range.  So, below is a pricing structure that hopefully makes this work both accessible to all without underpricing its value.

Individually funded:  £125-£250 “pay-what-you-can-afford” per session + VAT

For company funded coaching please get in contact to discuss your budget.

You can have as many or as few sessions as you like and can decide this as we progress.  Alternatively you can chose up front to schedule a series of sessions.

Sessions may last anywhere between 60-120 minutes depending on what we are working on and we will negotiate this between us.  For some sessions there may be an extra costs (Between £5-£10) for materials we might work with.  I will let you know this in advance as you may already have the materials or wish to purchase them yourself. 

It is important to me that this work is accessible for all so if you are unable to afford the prices above due to personal financial difficulties then please get in touch and we can discuss alternative options.  

 If you’d like to explore any of the above then e mail at sc@canscorpionssmoke.com and we can set up a free exploratory conversation.

A bit of background

I have developed my own process for working 1:1 with individuals over the last 25 years combining traditional coaching methods along with ideas and practices from gestalt psychology, improvisation, embodied practices, movement, mask work and art therapy (BAAT).   I hold a certifice and diploma in coaching from Newcastle University (from way back in 2005), have completed various trainings in gestalt psychology (London Gestalt Centre, Metanoia Institute, Ashridge Business School), completed an Art Therapy Foundation programme (BAAT), a years ceritifcate training in human systems and group dynamics with the NTL Institute and a Masters in Organisational Change and Consulting (Ashridge).  From an academic perspective I have been visiting faculty on a number of Masters programmes at Ashridge, The Metanoia Institute and Roffey Park and am currently visiting faculty on the Ashridge Executive Coaching Masters.  I have been working 1:1 with individuals and groups for over 25 years.