All you need is now!

My coaching work is heavily influenced by gestalt psychology and zen practice and therefore focusses more on deepening one’s awareness of what is, rather than becoming seduced by the distractions of the past or the future .  Arnie Beisser, an influential gestalt psychologist, suggested that human change is paradoxical and that we change more by becoming more deeply aware of who we already are rather than striving to become something we are not.  This can feel counter intuitive in a world that is pre-desposed to dwelling on the past or the future but, if we are able to let go of our attachment to pre-defined outcomes, can be a very powerful way of approaching personal change and transformation.

With this philosophy in mind, I have no formula, set piece or script for coaching and specialise in using experimental, experiential and creative means to find unique ways to work with each person.  In the past I have used the following as part of my coaching practice:

  • Art – painting, drawing
  • Movement
  • Rich picture and metaphor
  • Symbolic modelling/constellations – use of Playmobil, Lego, salt and pepper pots (etc)
  • Creative Adventures – carefully curated bespoke immersive experiences that unfold over an hour or two
  • Tactile exploration of self through clay, play-doh (etc)
  • Silence and mindfulness
  • Work with masks to explore identity and inhibition


Over the last few years people have worked with me on the following things:

  • Developing personal creativity
  • Letting go of attachment to certainty and embracing emergence
  • Career decisions and starting own business
  • Becoming more comfortable and playful with not knowing
  • Nurturing intuition, senses and the body as sources of knowing and sense making
  • Having more fun

If you’d like to explore working with me in a coaching or supervision capacity then drop me a note at