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I’m interested in creativity and the human condition.  Creativity being the irresistible draw to the novel and different, the human condition being our in-built instinct to avoid the unfamiliar.  These two things cause a tension in many of us and, most often, avoiding the unfamiliar tends to win. 

I do a variety of 1:1 work with people who want to explore how they might strike a better balance between these two things in order to more fully bring forth their naturally wonky, creative self.

I work with individuals using a combination of gestalt and creative practices which are a little different to traditional coaching, helping people get unstuck using movement, doodling, rich picture/metaphor, mindfulness, embodied practices, quantum flirting and more.  My preference is always face to face coaching although I am also happy to work virtually.

Creative Adventures
I design immersive, experimental adventures for people who are really interested in stretching their creativity and ability to be playful with not knowing.  Each adventure is unique and takes place in specially selected locations.  I offer “1, 2 or 3 chilli” adventures depending on how much of a challenge the individual would like.  Adventures normally take between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

Mask work
Your own 1:1 mask session exploring different parts of your personality that you may have long forgotten or never knew you had.  Recent 1:1 mask work has focussed on creativity, spontaneity, assertiveness, public speaking, leadership.

Supervision and mentoring
Although these are essentially two different forms of 1:1 work I’ve put them under one heading as quite often the work I do ends up being a mix of each.  I have recently worked with individuals who are wanting to bring more of their creative selves into the corporate world, students who are writing assignments or dissertations on presence, creativity, not knowing, spontaneity and the human condition.  I find myself recently working with more and more and individuals who are thinking about leaving the corporate world and setting up on their own.

If you’d like to explore any of the above then e mail at sc@stevechapman.org