Steve published “Can Scorpions Smoke?  Creative Adventures in the Corporate World” in 2014 and is currently working on his second book “Oh, my broken brain. On creativity and the human condition.”


Oh, my broken brain.  On creativity and the human condition

This is Steve’s current work in progress.  An unusual and experimental exploration of creativity and the human condition.  Chapters include: The Civilising Process, The Illusion of Certainty, On Failure, Fear, Imperfection, Beyond Words, Masks, Everyone has Mental Health, Taking Care of Demons, Death, Bearing Witness.  50% written word, 50% artwork.

Estimated date of publication: Q1 2018


Can Scorpions Smoke?  Creative Adventures in the Corporate World

Steve’s first book that explores personal and organisational creativity and whether it is possible to reframe our ‘career’ as an ‘adventure.

Illustrated by Steve’s daughter when she was aged just 6 years old.

Available on Amazon.  Published 2014


Praise for Can Scorpions Smoke

“One of the most refreshing, creative and provocative books I have read in a long time.  Loved it from beginning to end.”  
Steven D’Souza.  Author of “Not Knowing”

“This writing is for those of us struggling with how to be creative in a world that is asking us for more creativity and less risk taking at the same time.  Keep it by you, its relevance will become clear long after the first reading”
Khurshed Denhugara.  Author of “The Challenger Spirit” & “Flawed but Willing”

“Acts as both a guide and a challenge.  It invites you to upend comfortable but limiting habits and asks searching questions about what you do and why.”
Robert Poynton.  Author of “Everything’s an Offer” and “Do Improvise”

“I laughed a lot and admired the panache of the writing.”
Tim Smit KBE, Founder of the Eden Project & Lost Gardens of Helligan

“If you haven’t got your own copy of Can Scorpions Smoke? you’re missing out on something very important.”
John Paul Flintoff.  Author of “How to Change the World”, “What if the Queen Should Die?” and “Sew Your Own”