Can Scorpions Smoke?

 Creative Adventures in the Corporate World

An experimental & semi-biographical field guide to personal and organisational creativity


book quotes_edited-2 Imagination, creativity, improvisation and play are not words that adults normally associate with their work, yet many secretly lament their absence in their everyday lives.  They are also words that many of us wouldn’t put at the top of our curriculum vitae as our main selling points to
prospective employers.  Yet, the world is changing and the emergence of an Age of Applied Artistry is calling for modern organisations to take the development of these skills more seriously as they become capabilities that are not just nice-to-have but essential for survival in the corporate world of the future.

This book crashes together ideas from the world of Organisation Development (OD), gestalt psychology and Improvisational Theatre and distils them into some simple concepts and practices that anybody and everybody can experiment with in order to awaken and unleash their own creative spirit.  It is an unusual, entertaining and insightful hybrid of a biography, a personal development adventure guide and a lab book of creative experiments that encourages us to begin to defrost the little creative genius inside of us all.

A wonderful interpretation of the question by graphic artist Simon Heath
A wonderful illustration by graphic artist Simon Heath.  

Book Launch

On the 31st March 2014 the “Can Scorpions Smoke?” book launch took place on the banks of the river Thames in the form of a busking book launch experiment.  After an hour and 15 minutes the ‘illegal’ book launch was moved on by the authorities but not after 40 copies had been given away and many improvised songs had been performed.

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