Sound of silence

Sound of Silence is a downloadable pause. An experimental podcast that records the silence that arises between two people.

Only 100 episodes will be recorded with, each lasting around 180 seconds and centring around 2 minutes of shared silence recorded face to face with a special guest.

At the end of the experiment the combined 200 minutes of silence will be transformed into an interactive public gallery exhibit.






  1.  Sam Conniff Allende.  Author and award winning social entrepreneur.  Recorded at the British Museum, London
  2.  Charlotte Sills.  World renowned psychotherapist and author.  Recorded at the Metanoia Institute, London.
  3.   Fred Deakin.  Professor, artist and one half of Brit and Mecrury Award nominated band Lemon Jelly.  Recorded at Finsbury Square. London.
  4.   Rosie & Faris Yakob.  Digital nomads, authors, speakers and founders of Genius Steals.  Recorded in Shoreditch, London.
  5.   Robert Poynton.  Associate fellow at Oxford and author of “Everything’s an Offer” and “Do Improvise.”  Recorded in Bermondsey Street. London.
  6.   Michelle Morgan.  Co-founder of Livity and pioneer of mental health advocacy through her startup P-Joys.  Recorded in the chapel of House of St      Barnabus.
  7.  Simon Cavicchia.  Author and renowned gestalt psychotherapist specialising in exploring shame.  Recorded at Le Pain Quotidian, South Bank,
  8.   Elizabeth Pick.  Movement artist, singer and film maker exploring labels, identity and dyslexia.  Recorded in the basement of Royal Festival Hall,
  9.  Neil Mullarkey.  Actor, writer, comedian, star of various TV/film/radio and co-founder of Comedy Store Players.  Recorded in Regent’s Park,   London.
  10.  Lucy Bellwood.  Professional Adventure Cartoonist, teacher and creator of “100 Demon Dialogues.”  Recorded in Gillespie Park, London.
  11.  Lord Victor Adebowale CBE. Social Entrepreneur, CEO of social enterprise Turning Point and cross-bench “People’s Peer.”  Recorded at Turning Point, Aldgate, London.
  12. Maria Koripas.  International movement director, dancer and professional opera singer.  Recorded at Woburn Walk, London.
  13. Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves.)  Comedian, actor, artist and TV presenter best known for his partnership with Bob Mortimer.  Recorded in Ashford, Kent.
  14. Heather Urquhart & Joe Samuel. Member of the Olivier nominated “Showstoppers” and internationally renowned musical director. Recorded at Nursery Theatre, London Bridge
  15. Mark Shayler.  Founding partner of the Do Lectures, one half of award winning eco-innovation agency Ape and not quite good enough to play rugby for Leicester Tigers.  Recorded in the chapel of House of St Barnabus.
  16. Kay Scorah.  Aggressively polite community activist, dancer, improviser, stand up comedian and curator of the community sourced improvised recipe book “Essex Road Recipes.”  Recorded in Green Park, London.
  17. Ade Adeniji.  Founder of Walk with Me, ordained inter-faith minister and spiritual counsellor, co-founder of the social enterprise The Quest.  Recorded in The Great Room, Royal Society of Arts, London.