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FRIDAY MAY 11th 2018
John Lyon’s Theatre, City Lit, London WC2B
£25 (+ booking fee)


Inexpert 2018 is social experiment disguised as a conference.  A not-for-profit gathering that celebrates the power of inexpertise and not knowing.

In a world pre-disposed to speaker events where we are invited to listen to those with knowledge and answers, this event aims to do the opposite. To explore what happens when we gather together to listen to speakers giving talks they’ve never given before, on subjects that they have a mighty curiosity about but no expertise in.   Think the opposite of TED where the audience leave with more questions than answers, possibly knowing less than when they arrived.  This recent blog tells the story of the power of inexpertise and how this experiment came about.


The speakers at Inexpert 2018 are no idiots.  They have their own unique expertise and experience but have taken up the rather dissonant challenge to speak from the rather unfamiliar and vulnerable place of not-knowing.  Talks are anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes in duration and will be on a subject that the speakers are passionate about but have no expertise in.   Expect no answers, tangible take aways or neat conclusions. We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming the following….





Inexpert 2018 would not be possible without a wiling bunch of brave volunteers…






Inexpertise 2018 is not-for-profit on the basis that as soon as there is a profit involved, the dynamics of the event inevitably shift towards it being ‘value-for-money’ meaning that it is more difficult to maintain the ethos of the experiment.  Inexpertise 2018 is sponsored by The Lab and is only possible due to those who have come along to experiment and be experimented on since it opened its doors in 2015.  The Lab is a not for profit movement to help people nurture their creative spirit and strengthen their creative communities through being playful with not knowing.  The Lab has run a number of 1/2 day experiments over the last two years.  The majority of the costs will be paid for by the Lab fund and the minimal ticket price for the event is to cover the costs of hiring the venue and associated promotional fees. Any profits made from Inexpert 2018 will be re-invested in The Lab fund.