1 to 1

Conversations about stuff that is important to us

I’ve never been sure of how to describe my 1:1 work other than “conversations.”  Whilst there is benefit to having a delineated, fixed form of coaching, supervision or mentoring, I have found that having the permission to flit from one form to the other and go off-piste and create a new form every now and then can be a much more creative and adventurous approach.  As gestalt co-founder Fritz Perls said “Every patient needs a new form of therapy.”  As a gestaltist myself I believe every human being needs a new form of conversation.

Sometimes my 1:1 work is a formal arrangement, sometimes informal.  Sometimes regular, sometimes sporadic.  Sometimes the work is for a fee, other times for a charitable donation, other times it is just hanging out having a conversation about stuff that we’re both interested in.

Recent more formal 1:1 work has included:

  • Ongoing coaching work related to nurturing creativity, spontaneity and adventure in everyday life
  • Supervision of OD/facilitation practice
  • Supervision of academic assignments including MSc dissertation papers
  • Thinking partner on design of workshops and development programmes
  • Walking and talking around London about whatever catches our imagination

My 1:1 work extends beyond simply talking and often includes some of the following different ways of making sense of our experience, tackling a problem or liberating our creativity.

  • Art – painting, drawing
  • Movement
  • Rich picture and metaphor
  • Symbolic modelling/constellations – use of Playmobil, Lego, salt and pepper pots (etc)
  • Creative Adventures – carefully curated bespoke immersive experiences that unfold over an hour or two
  • Tactile exploration of self through clay, play-doh (etc)
  • Silence and mindfulness
  • Work with masks to explore identity and inhibition

If you’d like to explore 1:1 conversations, formal, informal or anywhere in between then drop me an e mail at sc@stevechapman.org