My original interest in drawing and painting was extinguished, largely through school art lessons, around age 13.   However, having done some work to get over my schooling I began to experiment much later in life by reviving my doodles.  This time I found it a much more enjoyable process now that it wasn’t going to be marked or judged in a formal way.   I began to experiment by making my artwork more public and was encouraged that people received it well and I’ve been drawing, painting and mask making ever since.  I have recently also began a practice of graphic-journalling as a way of making sense of the world beyond the limits of the written word.  I am delighted to have been invited to exhibit some of my work at the Museum of Derby’s “Finding Lines” exhibition in 2017.

Below are a few galleries of different styles of art I play around with.

Dark Art
This has become the style I draw most and am best known for.  Many of these pictures have emerged from my personal journaling, to illustrate blogs or to capture our ‘inner world.’   Lots of these images have been inspired by the research I’ve been doing into our inner critic.  The works here are mainly inks with grey shading.


Movie Posters
I love drawing monsters and even more than that I love putting them on posters for movies that never existed.  I also created the official movie poster for The Chair Game T-Shirts which you can purchase here (male) and here (female).  These works are hand drawn and then coloured digitally.

My other favourite drawing style has been heavily influenced by my daughter and I love to draw childlike doodles or images from children’s books that are yet to be written.  These works are a mixture of inks and paints.

Occasionally I will just doodle and something odd will end up on the paper.  These works are all inks with one photo I took and then doodled on.


Wall art/large scale
Inspired by being invited to create a large piece for Derby museum’s “Finding Lines” exhibit I have started creating large scale wall pieces using acrylic paint pens.


I’ve been fascinated with masks for sometime now and began making them for use in my creative workshops.  The masks below are all hand made using Worbla and then painted using acrylics.