About me

Steve Chapman - March 2015 (Hi res colour)Hello there, I’m Steve.  “Can Scorpions Smoke?” is a question I blurted out on stage in a moment of improvisational blankness that then became the title of an MSc dissertation, a blog, a book and a business!

I’m a writer, artist and creative facilitator who is interested in being playful with not knowing in order to explore creativity and the human condition.

When I’m not immersed with being a daddy, writing or making stuff in the CSS Art Studio I work with individuals, teams and organisations as a consultant/coach specialising in stimulating social change in the workplace.  I have worked with a wide range of organisations (see below) on a diverse range of subject matters.  You can read more about my work here.

I am invited to speak regularly on subjects such as creativity, spontaneity, complexity, shame, the inner critic and social change in the workplace.  You can read more about my speaking work here.

I had great fun at Ashridge Business School in the UK where I was awarded an MSc with distinction in Organisational Change and Consulting, writing my dissertation on the subject of spontaneity in organisations.  As a result of this I am visiting faculty on a number of UK based MSc Programmes including: Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching, The Metanoia Institute MSc  in Gestalt OD the the Roffey Park MSc in Organistion Development. (Also previously the Ashridge MSc in Organisational Change)

Over the years I have trained in gestalt practices with a variety of different teachers such as Bill Critchley, Gaie Houston, Simon Cavicchia, The Metanoia Institute and The London Gestalt Centre. I have also trained in performance improvisation with the likes of Keith Johnstone (Loose Moose, Calgary), Jason Chin (iO, Chicago), Neil Mullarkey (Comedy Store, London), John Cremer (The Maydays, Brighton) and learnt masks with Steve Jarand (Trance masks), Russel Dean (Strangeface Theatre) and Trestle Theatre.  In 2015 I completed an art therapy foundation programme with the British Institute of Art Therapists.  Despite all of this I am still at my best when I’m on the edge of not  quite knowing what I am doing.

I am also a self-taught (outsider) artist who has exhibited alongside the likes of David Shrigley and Pablo Picasso in experimental exhibitions such as the wonderful “Finding Lines”.  You can see more of my art here.

Thanks for dropping by and do keep in touch.


E-mail: sc@stevechapman.org
Telelphone: +44 (0)7825 116 086

PS:  The duck in the logo was drawn by my daughter, Maya when she was 6 and accepted the role as Chief of Imagination for CSS and my personal creativity mentor.